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CARDIOCODE device & technology: unique capabilities of pioneering diagnostics of the heart and circulatory system in a human!

The Cardiocode diagnostics takes a few minutes only: it’s non-invasive, and it calls for no specific field conditions. The world’s first non-invasive technology is based on digital processing of a single lead ECG, recorded with Cardiocode, to deliver the following data:

– complete sets of all informative hemodynamic data which reveal problems, if any, in the heart performance in most accurate way; it’s the one and only technology capable of displaying huge amount of data on the heart and blood vessel performance

– metabolic data on the actual performance of heart muscle fiber cells are produced in parallel to indicate and assess such parameters such as oxygen, lactate and phosphocreatine concentration

– some specific prognostic markers of sudden cardiac death are detected, too

– a type of an adaptation reaction or response driven by the immune system in a human individual according to the Garkavi’s Adaptation Reaction System Law named after famous Russian researcher L.Garkavi

– an assessment of heart life expectancy (ressourcemetry)

Founders of a new fundamental science: Cardiometry




The Cardiocode technology: significant advances in quantitative and qualitative potentialities in Electrocardiography!

The device Cardiocode is designed to record all informative signals in every cardiac cycle and provide fast and accurate data upon their digital processing.

It’s really a unique possibility to monitor and evaluate any influence and any effect on the heart performance in patients during any drug therapy!

Mobility, flexibility, easiness in operation, impressive cost savings and updated health care strategy!

Cardiocode remains unchallenged in telemedicine! There is no existing equipment or technology which may be in any competition with Cardiocode!

Cardiometry: a new fundamental science

Customer’s specific projects: applications of our original technology in practice

– Assessment of psychological state of an individual. Prediction of possible actions expected of each tested subject

– An accurate health diagnostics and health prediction for operating personnel in occupational safety and medicine (occupational health services, 100% reliability in health risk management)

– Sports. Conditioning and high performance sport medicine at the world record levels. Education and instruction courses in the new tracing technique for training staff. Explanation: what is the essence of doping and why it cannot be useful or effective in a properly managed conditioning process in high performance sports